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How to distinguish disposable plastic?

Many people will have a question when they are using the disposable lunch box--What kind of plastic products can be heated in a microwave oven? It is necessary to understand these plastic products.In fact, plastic products have seven plastic types of logo code.What we usually see is to add a sign of numbers to the [...]

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Disposable plastic tableware can effectively reduce the cross infection of infectious bacteria

Because of convenience and health, many hotels are using disposable plastic tableware. Based on a large number of dining customers,the staff of the restaurant did not have time to carefully clean and disinfect the utensils, yet the infectious bacteria could not be killed without high temperatures.It's obviously Unsanitary. So, disposable tableware has become a substitute [...]

  • What Makes Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Crystal Cutlery Outstanding

What Makes Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Crystal Cutlery Outstanding?

All Dexuan polystyrene plastic disposable crystal cutlery come with 100% food grade PS plastic material. You are welcome to have the following questions: What makes food grade PS plastic outstanding? Is it safe for use in food service products? Will it release dangerous substance in high temperature? Dexuan’s imported food grade PS plastic disposable cutlery mainly have [...]

  • Safety of Cutlery

Great Emphasis Must Be Put Into Safety of Cutlery

Safety of cutlery is much essential as it concerns with direct contact with human body. The different materials of cutlery are bamboo&wood,paper, aluminum,steel,and porcelain. 1.Bamboo&Wood Cutlery The best advantage of bamboo & wood cutlery is non-poisonous,as they are made from natural and organic material. But to prevent microbial infection,they should be kept in dry place,regularly disinfected and [...]

  • disposable crystal tableware

What are the advantages of disposable crystal tableware?

Dexuan disposable crystal tableware, a new type of disposable crystal tableware which is made of advanced and safe food-grade material PS(polystyrene), using precision injection molding equipment for injection molding through the high temperature of 260℃, with aspect packing automatically after ultraviolet disinfection. People can feel its quality directly from the appearance because of its high transparency [...]